Fun Fall Home Improvement Tips.

🏡 Fall is here and it’s perfect home selling season! 🍁
Here are a few fast tips that will help you get your house in tip top shape:

🍂 Declutter! Donate, sell, or pack into storage all unwanted or unneeded items.

🚿 Deep clean! Do this when you’re ready to sell or even better hire a professional to get your home in tip top shape.

🍃 Landscape! Clean up the yard, especially the front yard, by weed eating, trimming shrubbery and trees, removing any personal items, refreshing the mulch, and maybe even planting seasonal greenery. A couple of festive planters on the front porch and a new welcome mat will really spruce things up and go a long way with potential buyers. Don’t forget to clean the front door and entry. Your front yard and porch must be “show-ready” at all times because buyers will often drive by for sale homes and call their realtor to request a showing.

🔨 Make repairs and fix up the house! If possible, repaint your home to a neutral color. Light gray is a very popular choice right now. Now is the perfect time to complete any little repairs you’ve been meaning to do. A potential buyer will notice these things and either decide not to make an offer or may ask you to fix later on during inspection. Providing a home warranty is also a great idea to give potential buyers a peace of mind on larger repair items.

🗝When staging your home, remember to use neutral items and that less is definitely better. Although you loved customizing your home, potential buyers may not have the same taste. Remove any collections or personal items. The buyers want to be able to picture their stuff in your house and you want them to, so they will buy!  We can help you get this ready yourself or guide you in the right direction by recommending one of our professional stagers.

🐕Take your pets with you for showings.

If these tasks seem too overwhelming, your home needs major repair or you are running out of time, please remember that David and Leah with WKL Property Solutions would love to meet with you and discuss our solutions oriented business to find an answer for you to sell your home. We may be able to buy your house on your timeline, right away or in the future. If you are ready to list your house now, please call Leah at 479-790-8539 and she will help you through this list and get your house on the market right away with Keller Williams Market Pro Realty.



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